Playing for Pleasure

Many young musicians learn an instrument but don’t feel confident about joining an orchestra. Many people learn an instrument at school and then give up a few years later due to lack of time or opportunity.

Playing for Pleasure is an informal group of musicians which provides a relaxed and enjoyable environment to learn how to play with others, or simply to get back into playing.

Its members range from young musicians who want to experience the excitement of playing in a group to experienced musicians who may be trying out a different instrument from their usual one. They have discovered that there is no such thing as a wrong note amongst friends, only a note that didn’t land in the right place this time, but is sure to be better next time.

This year’s music has ranged from a Beethoven piano concerto to Argentinian tangos, with a variety of sight-reading as well as working more comprehensively on some pieces.

New players are always welcome, but please contact us to make sure we will have music for your instrument. Most parts are downloadable from the internet, but sometimes parts have to be arranged to instruments other than strings.

Further information is available from Marcus Patton at