Aural Classes

Grades 1-5 Aural Classes

Group or Individual tuition is available. Aural skills are invaluable for all musicians and vital for grade exams. Classes with Elizabeth Cawood can be arranged on Thursdays and Saturdays. Classes with Declan Plummer can be arranged at times that suit you.

Grades 6-8 Aural Class

Are you interested in taking your musical knowledge to the next level? Are you planning on going to university? Do you want to finally have a complete understanding of how music works? Then these classes are for you! Imagine being able to hear a piece of music modulate into other keys and understand how it’s done; or being able to sight-read and sing back a piece of music; or just having the confidence to describe any of the stylistic and musical features of a piece of music just from hearing it played once! Contact the office, book your class with Declan, develop the skills, and find out how it’s done! 

Remember, those students who sit and pass ABRSM practical exams at grades 6 to 8 will also receive extra UCAS points which can be used as part of a University or College application in the UK!