Daniel Perskawiec

Daniel’s musical journey started at the age of 6 where he first started getting interested in the guitar. He performed and taught music in Europe while travelling extensively organising masterclasses, seminars and workshops. Through his experience with ethnic music and ethnic music teachers he learned how to play the Darbuka, Djembe and the Sitar (Indian lute). Being supported and mentored by the Arts Council Northern Ireland he has successfully contributed to 8 albums and CD’s in the following styles: Guitar: Rock, Blues Bluegrass, Jazz, ethnic African. Sitar: Indian (Hindustani) style, Darbuka/Dumbek Drum. Daniel believes that the next step to mastery is passing the knowledge to people who are really committed to greatness. Daniel holds a degree in teaching and is currently training teachers, coaches and trainers from various fields in the area of neurolinguistics. The most recent tools he has, allow his students to excel and bring maximum results in music and personal greatness. Instruments taught: Guitar (Electric/Acoustic), Sitar, Darbuka and Djembe.