GCSE Composing (Component 2)

Students will be examined on the following:

  • Composition A is a free composition for which the student will choose their own style and resources.
  • Composition B is written in response to a pre-release stimulus provided in September – students will respond to ONE of the following: a short melodic fragment; a rhythmic motif; or a chord progression.
  • Length of both compositions combined should be 3-6 minutes

Students must submit BOTH compositions in the form of a recorded performance (which may be live or sequenced) and they must also provide ONE of the following for EACH composition:

  • a detailed notated score OR
  • a lead sheet OR
  • a written account (max. 600 words) using a template provided by CCEA

The following handouts may help you to get started with your composition:

Composing for Instruments

Composing with Words